New OER to Teach Marketing

Celebrating Open Education Week 2016 last week, we were excited to share a new set of CC-BY graphics Lumen Learning created for the Waymaker Principles of Marketing course released in February. Waymaker courses are designed using not only great open educational resources (OER), but also personalization features for students and instructors aimed at improving learning.  The_Marketing_Mix_1.png

We are particularly excited about Principles of Marketing first, because we designed a really fun, interesting and modern course for teaching, learning and practicing marketing. Second, we are getting great feedback that the content is a significant leap forward for OER in the Marketing subject area. While marketing practice has evolved rapidly in recent years in response to changes in technology and other factors, some of the tried-and-true OER textbooks have fallen behind. This course fills the gaps and incorporates not only professionally-designed graphics, but also many updated examples and case studies, simulations, video, scenario-based storytelling and other techniques to make the course interesting and appealing.

You can find the full set of Principles of Marketing course graphics on Wikimedia Commons at this link:  Product_Level_graphic-01.png

The full Waymaker Principles of Marketing course is being piloted by several instructors during spring term 2016, using Lumen’s personalized learning platform that provides individualized guidance for students to help them focus their efforts as they master course content and skills. The platform also offers time-saving tools for instructors to identify and help struggling students where and when this help matters most.

If you’d like to learn more about Waymaker or see the Waymaker Principles of Marketing course, check out our upcoming webinar series about Waymaker, or request a demo and course access using the links below.

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Lumen also provides support for the Principles of Marketing course on our Candela platform. The Candela Principles of Marketing course doesn't include Waymaker's innovative personalization features, but it does include the great OER course content in e-Text format. Like Waymaker courses, Candela courses integrate into the LMS for simple, day one access. We publish the Candela Principles of Marketing for anyone to access freely in the Lumen Course Catalog on our website.

If you have questions, consider stopping by Lumen’s daily virtual OER office hours, which provide live support for OER, learning design and Lumen Platform technology. Or you can send inquiries to

Waymaker is part of the Next Generation Courseware Challenge, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.