Talking About ... Course Fees to Support Open Content

It is that time of year. Trees are blossoming, chicks are hatching, and a whole new batch of OER champions are looking ahead to fall courses asking, "Should we apply a student fee to support our OER courses?"
We field many questions about common practices and creative approaches to funding the use of open educational resources (OER). We don't have all the answers, but we have seen some great approaches. Rather than trying to represent the thinking and experience of others, we would love to facilitate a chance for members of the open education community to talk with each other. Given the tight timelines that many are facing, we propose a virtual meet-up early next week
Join Us:
Round Table Discussion: Course Fees & Funding OER
When: Monday, April 4, from 3-4 pm ET / 12-1 pm PT

Please join us for this round-table discussion. If you have already been down this road, others would love your guidance. If you have yet to take this on or are considering an approach and would like feedback, please bring your ideas.

For those who can't make this day and time, we are happy to record the discussion or to share anything that you send in advance with the team.

Use the link below to let us know if you're interested in joining us, and we'll get the meeting access information to you. 

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 Photo: Seyyed Mostafa Zamani / Flickr